Private Afternoon Food Tour in Rome


 3,5 hours Private Pizza and Food Tour in to the first district of Rome.

 Enjoy and learn about different styles of Pizza and the unique "Montanara"

 Private tour experience only for your group of friends or family

 Visit the Rione Monti and the Basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli

 Our Private Afternoon Tour is perfect for corporate outings, team building, birthday celebrations family reunions and more.

 Food and drinks will be kids friendly and vegetarian friendly too!!!

private food tour

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 Private tour price: 80€ per person

Perfect experience for team building and family reunions

Private Afternoon Food Tour in Rome

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 Private tour price: 80€ per person

 Private tour condition: minimum 4 people or the payment of 4 tickets

 Compared to the regular morning tour, the Private Afternoon Tour offers you an intimate experience, an additional food tasting stop and a duration of 3,5 hours instead of 3 hour. 

 Our private food tour is often outside the overcrowded, touristy area!


Our Private Pizza Tour provides an entertaining and social experience of tasting delicious food while listening historical information and anecdotes about Rome from your local guide.

The Private Tour will be centered in a district rich in historical monuments and churches and is considered the prettiest, most characteristic and off the beaten track district of Rome.

The first stop is at a hundred year-old bakery where you will be introduced the to the typical roman pizza.

The second stop is in an historical deli, here you will taste pure, artisan ingredients used as topping for the different kinds of pizza.

The next stop presents the "pizza in teglia" cooked in a special baking tin. And at the end you will enjoy the sliced "pizza alla pala" cooked this time not in a tin but on oven flint rock and a wood oven pizzeria where you will have the chance to relax and enjoy the art of making the round pizza.

Finally it's time to indulge your sweet tooth with a gelato tasting! With your guide you will taste the best gelato shop in Rione Monti who make their own creations by hand with seasonal ingredients.