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Ciuri Ciuri is a Sicilian gelateria and pastry shop, and as Sicily is duly famous for gelato and pastry. The Antico Forno is one of the oldest bakeries in Monti district.  

Rome Food & Pizza with Colosseum Guided Tour. Taste some of the most amazing Italian specialties, including our beloved pizza, and visit the most important monument of Rome, The Colosseum.  

This tour will give you the opportunity to taste four Italian craft beers and three delicious beer-friendly finger food pairings as you learn about Italian food and culture in an intimate group setting.  

If you love full immersion history experience as we do and curious about the incomparable underground world of the Eternal City, this tour will fall in love you!  

The Private Food Tour will be centered in Rione Monti, it is a district rich in historical monuments and churches and is considered the prettiest, most characteristic and off the beaten track district of Rome.  

This easy entrance walking tour will meet the needs of the most demanding clients including the full visit of the three world famous symbols of Rome: Colosseum and Roman Forum.  

Rome Tours. Walk and Discover the Rione Monti district

During our Rome Food Tour you will discover the Monti district is one of the oldest districts in Rome, Trastevere is the other one and for that they have been, and they still are, strongly opposed to each other because each district pretends to be the only and original successor of Romans.

That piece of information should help you understand how important the Rione Monti is. In the ancient times of the Roman Empire, most of the main buildings were located in that district, or at least on its borderline. The Domus Aurea, Imperial Fora, Titus’ and Trajan’s thermal baths, the poor house of Julius Cesar in the Subura and the villas of rich Roman families are at the top of the hill. The Monti district represents in fact its 3 main hills: Quirinal, Viminal and Esquilin (with its 3 main tops Cispius, Oppius and Fagutalis) which add to the romantic atmosphere of this part of the city centre. With its many dips and hills make it a unique place in all of Rome.

You could go as far to say it is similar to “San Francisco” with striking elements: walls and remains of 2000 years ago! Even if the district has its origin in the past of ancient Rome, after that it was abandoned until 1870, when it was moreover a rural place. In that year Italy was unified and Rome became the capital city and many newcomers started to arrive looking for a new life. Therefore, new houses were built together with new street plans.

The urban design we can see nowadays is a mixture of what was carried out all over the centuries. if you take a walk there you will immediately notice the difference: streets close to the ancient forum are smaller and curved, they look like little snakes following each other. In fact, the main street in the lower part of the district is Via dei Serpenti, which means the street of snakes.

On the contrary the streets going uphill are larger and offer such beautiful glimpses that is hard to believe that they had not been planned by an artist. The district is located in the city centre but it is off of the touristic route, it seems to be a quiet and peaceful island in the heart of Rome.This is possible because it is located in a limited traffic zone and just residents there can get a special permission to use their own car in those small alleys.

Have you ever been to an Italian village? If you would like to have that experience but you cannot do it because you do not have enough time to spend in Italy, you should choose to visit Rione Monti, which is really like a little village. For example, you cannot find big brand, famous chain shops or fast food, but instead very original shop-made objects, dresses, jewels, design objects as well as lots of original and exclusive bistros, pubs with live-music and historic family-run restaurants. If you are interested in experiencing Rome like the Romans, you cannot miss it! We are waiting for you, so do not hesitate!